For Hinauchi

This is how I feel towards u right now and if I were with u, I’d be the one glomp hugging u hard and affectionately. Thank u for making my day simply grand today. So much. I’m also glad I gave u good feelings and made u smile today. It makes my heart warm and all smiles for me to be able to. Glad to being speaking to u even because u’re just making my days up as time goes on. Happy we’re both pretty good today.

First piece of color drawing to u and I think this is pretty well for how I’ve grown to u and like it on that way. Hope u like it. Oops, forgot to color the stripes in my ears. Was too excited to give this to u,haha.

Again, Ty and, I love u lots -Heart-

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    Dude, I want a piece just as cute as this one. TRADE ME D:
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